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Trust Consulting Engineers (TCE) is a consulting engineering company founded in Harare, Zimbabwe, in 2013. In July 2015 the company was officially registered with the registrar of companies as Trust Consulting Engineers (Pvt) Ltd.

TCE’s activities cover the fields of highway engineering, construction engineering, hydraulic works and sanitary engineering, agriculture and rural development, transportation infrastructure, rural and urban planning, community facilities, industry and energy. Services provided range from resource investigations, development plans, feasibility studies, and preliminary and detailed design to works supervision and technical assistance.

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Clients include private organizations, individuals, churches and it’s our objective that we widen our cliental base to public agencies at all levels of government and financing institutions.

Our staff complement encompasses the major engineering disciplines: structural, civil, architecture, soil mechanics and soil science. TCE also avails itself of a vast pool of consultants whose specialized services are called upon when required.

TCE’s office is equipped for the performance of the most advanced engineering, design and consulting services. A network of engineers in several towns around the country complements the home office in providing efficient links with clients throughout the country.

A wealth of know-how acquired by TCE’s engineers through working in various organizations including the government and private sector as well as experience gained in the execution of its own projects ensure that TCE can proudly take its place amongst the country’s leading consulting engineering organizations.

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